Projector P-VIP 190/0.8 E20.8 VS60

Main Highlights

  • – Genuine OSRAM P-VIP lamp with brand hologram
  • – PT-VIP lamp drivers perfectly tuned to the lamps
  • – Ensures optimum operating conditions
  • – Sophisticated UNISHAPE® operating modes
  • – Variable light colours optimized for data, video, and other projections
  • – Long lamp life with high light output and uniform light distribution
  • – Excellent OSRAM quality system ensures lifetime performance
  • – Stable quality to reduce the risk of shattering and early decay of the light output

OSRAM P-VIP Projector Lamps:

Looking for projector replacement bulbs on-line can be frustrating with so many suppliers and a wide range of pricing options. Lower prices for projector assemblies using generic lamps can be tempting, but can also result in low performance, pre-mature lamp failure, and even lamp ruptures that could cause damage to your projection device.

Experience the performance benefits of this genuine OSRAM P-VIP bulb. OSRAM works closely with top Projector OEM’s across the globe to ensure bright, crisp, long-lasting performance from the respective projection devices.

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